Board of Directors Elections

The business and affairs of Midwest Energy are managed by a nine-member Board of Directors.  This board exercises all of the powers of the Corporation, except those by law or by the articles of incorporation of the Corporation or the bylaws are reserved to the members.

Board of Directors members serve three-year terms of office.  As the terms of directors expire, their respective successors shall be elected for three-year terms, subject to the provisions of the bylaws with respect to the removal of directors.

Director Positions in the following Districts will be voted upon during the following years:

2022 2023
District 1 District 1
District 3 District 2
District 5 District 4

District Map 

District Map

Election Balloting

All Directors shall be elected by secret ballot, mailed to each member prior to each annual meeting of the members.  Ballots shall contain biographical information on each of the candidates, an official ballot, and a business reply envelope for members to return their marked ballots.  Tabulation and certification is performed by an independent third party.

Submitting a Nomination

If you or someone you know is interested in serving as a member of the Midwest Energy Board of Directors, and you would like that name placed in nomination, please review the following list of qualifications, then, if qualified, fill out the nomination form below.  Alternately, members can place their name in nomination for election as a director through a nomination by petition process.


No person shall be eligible to be elected or remain a director of the Corporation who:

  1. Is not a member of the Corporation receiving retail electric and/or natural gas service in the district for which he/she is nominated, or an employee or director of a member receiving retail electric and/or natural gas service in such district, and a bonafide resident of the district for which he is nominated.
  2. Is in any way employed by, or financially interested in, a competing enterprise or a business selling natural gas or electricity.

Upon establishment of the fact that a director is holding office in violation of the foregoing provisions, the Board of Directors shall remove such director from office. The Board of Directors may establish additional qualifications for directors by Corporate Policy.  Nominations for the 2021 elections are due no later than July 9, 2021.

Nomination Form

Basic Information
These days include monthly board meetings, annual board retreat planning sessions, and educational opportunities throughout the year. Board members are encouraged to attend educational workshops and meetings in addition to regular board meetings.
Please list two business references with contact name and phone number.
Please list two personal references with contact name and phone number.
By submitting this application I hereby certify that I have reviewed the qualifications to be a member of the Board of Directors of Midwest Energy, Inc. and I meet all of the said qualifications.
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